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Wedding cake bakeries offer customized wedding cakes exactly to your specifications. It is a good idea to contact bakeries far ahead of time to discuss your desired wedding cake design and the delivery date. See below for wedding cake bakeries in Woodbridge, VA that give access to traditional tiered wedding cakes, elegant square wedding cakes, damask wedding cakes, custom bridal cupcakes, and more.

Interview with Cake Coquette

A Cake Artist with Unique & Custom Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Today we are featuring wedding cakes from a specialty cake design company. San Francisco native, Gabrielle Feuersinger, has been making pastries and decorating cakes for eight years and is now into the third year of business with her own company Cake Coquette . With a focus on buttercream icing and details, her cakes showcase her talent in cake designing and decorating. Below is a video about this designer and her cake company.

Cake Coquette from andrew msv on Vimeo .

Gabrielle’s cakes are all custom designed with beautiful details.

unique wedding cakes

Photo Credit: Allure West Studios

Photo Credit: Janae Sheilds Photography

Photo Credit: Janae Sheilds Photography

buttercream wedding cakes

Photo Credit: Ars Magna Studio

How long have you been in business?
I am starting my third year in business.

What inspired you to start your own cake company?
I’ve know since I was very young that I would own a bakery. When I finally found myself working in a cake shop, I was lucky enough to be among some amazing talents who inspired me and allowed me to develop my own style. Who knew I could use my art skills AND my baking skills together. I figured out pretty quickly that I wanted to specialize in cakes.

Tell us why you think Cake Coquette is successful.
Success comes from a lot of hard work and that is what I do best. When you do your best, people will recognize it and tell others. My business comes entirely from word of mouth so as long as people keep talking, I’m doing alright.

What makes your business unique?
I do a few things that set me apart from other cake designers. Most notably, I’m not a fondant pusher. I can ice cakes very smoothly in buttercream so it looks clean and finished without having to cover all tiers in fondant. Since buttercream is my medium of choice, I offer a signature look of detailed, ornamental buttercream piping that is not common. I still work closely with all my clients so my business is just as much about customer service as it is about design.

Is there a particular niche you target?
I certainly promote myself in the wedding industry, but I am available to any client for any occasion.

What is your company’s philosophy on working with brides and grooms?
I work personally with my brides and grooms. When we meet for our tasting and consultation we talk about the couple’s personal style and how they want to convey it for their wedding. I want them to know that the cake design is inspired from their input. This is such an important event for the couple that I want to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for them.

How do you help couples customize their weddings?
When couples meet with me, they look through my portfolios for inspiration, not to pick cake #12 for me to copy. Every cake I make is customized by using either elements from their personal style or wedding decor. I don’t like to make the same cake over and o...

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Vendor Interview: Sibby’s Cupcakery

Here is an exciting vendor for anyone with a sweet tooth! Since 2004, Sibby’s Cupcakery has been filling the bellies of their customers with yummy treats! I have to say … after poking around on Sibby’s website for a while, I wish my belly was full of these charming little cupcakes right now too!

wedding cupcakes

Photo Credit: Sibby's Cupcakery

With the mission of “providing joy and happiness to my customers and community through delicious and beautiful cupcakes”, Sibby’s Cupcakery is a wonderful choice for brides and grooms opting for cupcakes at their wedding instead of a cake! With one-of-a-kind handmade decorations, Sibby works with couples to create lovely desserts that fit in with the colors or theme of their wedding. The bakery also does everything from small parties to showers and large events. Cupcakes would make a great dessert for bridal showers or rehearsal dinners!

Sibby’s Cupcakery bakes everything from scratch, using the finest ingredients. The bakery has remained a small business, intentionally, in order to provide only the best quality and service. Sibby is dedicated to making a difference in the community by giving back to local charities and schools.

Sibby:” All these things contribute to our success….but mostly I think it’s because we love what we do. Everything we make comes from love. Weddings are such a special event and we truly love being a part of them. Cupcakes enable couples to personalize their wedding, and guests love cupcakes because they typically have a few flavors to choose from. Plus, they’re fun to eat and a delicious way to celebrate.”

wedding cupcakes

Photo Credit: Sibby's Cupcakery

What is your company’s philosophy when working with wedding couples?
We love doing weddings and meeting couples at this very special time in their lives. We like to meet with each couple individually so that we can get to know them and better understand their personal style and design aesthetic for their wedding. And of course their flavor preferences. Some couples come in and know exactly what they want, and we help others navigate through the choices. Wedding planning can be stressful and the last thing that cupcakes should do is cause stress. Our goal is to ensure that couples get the cupcakes of their dreams and that it’s a fun and easy experience from start to finish.

How do you help couples customize their weddings?
Customization is our specialty and we love to help make each wedding unique. At the simplest level, we can customize frosting colors to complement the color scheme of the wedding. We can also customize the decorations to reflect a design theme or a unique aspect of the couples’ relationship. For a couple that had recently moved to Hawaii, we did a variety of beautiful hand-piped hibiscus flowers on the cupcakes. And for a couple who got married on their favorite holiday – Halloween – we did an assortment of ghosts, goblins, jack-o-lanterns and ...

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